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9/10/2022 11:43 AM The Little Things

As I am unable to intake caffeine anymore I have been looking for an alternative to the comforting warmth of a cup of coffee in the morning. Today I tried hibiscus tea and I must say I am impressed by the flavor even though I did not add any sugar. It has a slightly tart, berry-like flavor which I find pleasing and is very welcome since I have been drinking water and milk eclusively for the past few weeks.

I have also been finding some relief through occupying my mind with small projects and recreational tasks- such as working on this website and playing through my seemingly-endless backlog of classic games. I am happy with the progress I have made thus far, even though the site is incredibly simple in its current state (perhaps as time goes on and I edit it more, you as the reader will not understand what I'm talking about, but it's very rudimentary at the moment), I have made a decent amount of progress in a few days of learning html and css. Though, in true "web1.0" fashion I'm trying to keep this purely html.

9/4/2022 - 7:47 PM Eating ourselves to death

Perhaps the most criminal injustice of life- one that is exacerbated by the culture of excess and greed which we are beholden to- is the fact that nearly everything we eat and drink on a day-to-day basis will eventually kill us. Either directly or indirectly through slowly creeping diseases which will begn to rear their heads the longer we live and the longer we feed ourselves these poisons. Looking at the leading causes of death worldwide, a scary majority of them are related to or are influenced by our diets. The fact of the matter is we very much understand what is tasty and desirable to our palates, and through years of technological and industrial development we hae created foods (and even altered the organic foods we are provided by the earth) which are too much for our human bodies to handle.